In 2012, I was FIRED from my job. I could no longer afford the townhome my wife and I were renting. When we moved into my in-laws’ basement to save money and figure out our next move, I decided to get into real estate.

After getting licensed in 2013, I learned more about how the housing market Collapsed in 2008, I discovered my parents were unable to sell their home, during that time because of the predatory lending, inflation, and an overall HORRIBLE market. From that point forward, I made it my mission to help people stay out of foreclosure by educating them on the home-buying process and how to use equity as a tool to build wealth for their families. 

Working with me, you learn how to make financially sound choices to prepare for your home-buying journey and build wealth through homeownership. While most real estate agents’ goal is to get a commission check off your home purchase or sale, my goal is to put more money in your pocket and get you into a home you can comfortably afford.

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